Lagos Community Breathes Easier as Abandoned Buildings Used by Suspected Criminals Demolished

Residents of the Tokunbo Kelani community in Igando, Lagos, are finally getting some peace of mind. Two abandoned buildings that had become a haven for suspected criminals have been demolished, thanks in part to a report by Punch newspaper.

In March, Punch highlighted the concerns of local landlords who reported hearing disturbing sounds, possibly screams and pleas, coming from the derelict structures at night. The article raised alarms about potential criminal activity.

Following the publication, Lagos State authorities took swift action. The Lagos State Building Control Agency marked the buildings for demolition, deeming them unsafe. The police intervened and arrested a man identified as Adepoju, who had been operating a makeshift church tent on the property.

“The Punch article really generated a lot of response from the government,” said resident Mr. Lanre Bammeke. “We saw involvement from the office of the Inspector-General of Police and the Commissioner of Police.”

The decisive action resulted in the dismantling of the makeshift church and the complete demolition of the abandoned buildings. The suspected criminals who had been using the structures as a hideout have reportedly fled the area.

This is a positive outcome for the Tokunbo Kelani community, demonstrating the power of investigative journalism and the responsiveness of Lagos State authorities in addressing security concerns. The demolition of the buildings removes a potential danger zone and fosters a safer environment for residents.


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