Lagos Demolitions: Commissioner Cites Sinking City Risk

The Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, Tokunbo Wahab, has ignited controversy by linking ongoing demolitions to the future survival of Lagos. In an interview on Arise TV, Wahab justified the demolitions as crucial to prevent Lagos, a coastal city, from being submerged by rising sea levels.

“The fact that we are a coastal state that has been predicted to go under in the next 50 years,” Wahab said, “people must take ownership of our infrastructure and make sure we don’t go under.”

This justification follows resident outcry over the demolition of structures in Mende Estate Villa. The demolitions have left many homeless and seeking compensation. Popular singer Yemi Alade has also weighed in, expressing concern that these actions will discourage real estate investment in Lagos.

Wahab’s comments highlight the complex challenges facing Lagos. The city is battling rapid population growth, straining infrastructure, and now the looming threat of climate change. While some residents support the demolitions as necessary for long-term safety, others question the process and compensation offered.

It’s important to note that experts recommend a multi-pronged approach to address rising sea levels. This could include building seawalls, elevating infrastructure, and restoring natural habitats. Demolitions alone may not be sufficient.

The Lagos government will need to find a way to balance public safety with the rights and needs of residents. Open communication, clear explanations, and fair compensation will be crucial in gaining public trust for any large-scale infrastructure projects.


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