Moab Unveils New Housing Development to Address Workforce Housing Crisis

Moab, Utah – A new development in Moab is aiming to chip away at the city’s critical workforce housing shortage. The state’s tourism hub suffers from a lack of affordable housing options, making it difficult for the very people who keep the industry running to find a place to live.

Arroyo Crossing, the new development, is specifically designed to target low and moderate-income families. City officials are hopeful it will provide much-needed relief.

“These are the essential workers, the people that really live and work in Moab,” said Moab resident David Myers in a recent interview with KSL TV [KSL TV]. “Developments like Arroyo Crossing are critical.”

The high cost of housing in Moab is a stark contrast to the wages earned by many in the service industry that caters to tourists. The median home price in the city sits around $540,000 according to the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, a figure well out of reach for many local workers.

Arroyo Crossing offers a glimmer of hope, promising to be the only place in Moab to provide genuinely affordable starter homes. This could significantly ease the burden on teachers, restaurant workers, and other crucial members of the Moab community.


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