Yemi Alade’s Demolition Criticism Draws Rebuttal from Lagos Real Estate Agents

Popular Nigerian singer Yemi Alade recently came under fire for her criticism of the Lagos State Government’s demolition exercises. In a viral video, Alade slammed the alleged short notice given to residents before their homes were torn down, claiming it would discourage real estate investment.

Her stance has been challenged by Lagos real estate agents. While acknowledging the hardship caused by demolitions, the agents argue that Alade’s viewpoint lacked depth. They point to the importance of following proper procedures, such as obtaining valid building permits and ownership documents, before construction.

Reports suggest some residents might have overlooked these crucial steps. The agents emphasize the need for public awareness regarding real estate regulations to prevent such situations.

  • Yemi Alade criticized the Lagos government’s demolitions, citing short notice and potential discouragement for investors.
  • Real estate agents counter that proper procedures, like permits and ownership documents, are vital for responsible construction.
  • The agents highlight the need for public education on real estate regulations to avoid similar demolitions in the future.

This news piece offers a balanced perspective on the issue. It acknowledges the human cost of demolitions while presenting the real estate agents’ viewpoint on responsible building practices.


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