Abuja Supermarket Owner Denies Discrimination After Closure

The owner of a Chinese supermarket in Abuja, Liu Bei, has denied allegations that her store barred Nigerian customers. This comes after the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) sealed the store following widespread accusations of racial discrimination.

Social media erupted in outrage after videos surfaced showing Nigerians being turned away by security at the supermarket. The videos claimed the establishment only allowed entry to individuals of Chinese descent.

In response to the FCCPC summons and potential sanctions, Ms. Liu released a statement refuting the claims. She stated the store catered to residents, workers, and visitors in the surrounding area, regardless of nationality. She further clarified that the business was a retail shop focused on meeting the needs of the local community, not a full-fledged supermarket.

The situation has sparked a national conversation about discrimination and access to businesses in Nigeria. Some reports suggested the supermarket initially focused on serving the tenants of the building, many of whom are Chinese nationals. However, it later opened its doors to the public, including Nigerians.

The FCCPC is still investigating the matter. Ms. Liu appeared before the commission to defend herself against the allegations. The store has since been reopened.


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