Lagos Homeowners Left Devastated, Seek Compensation After Demolition

Residents of Mende Estate Villa in Maryland are reeling after their homes were demolished by the Lagos State Government. The multimillion naira properties were destroyed to reclaim a drainage channel, leaving homeowners devastated and demanding compensation.

The demolitions began on Saturday, with residents claiming they received little to no prior warning. Many expressed shock and outrage at the sudden loss of their homes.

“We’re being made homeless,” lamented one resident who spoke to Punch Newspapers on condition of anonymity. “We have nowhere to go and no proper time to make alternative arrangements.”

The Lagos State Government, however, has defended its actions. The Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, stated the demolitions were necessary to clear the Odo Iya Laro drainage channel.

This incident has sparked wider concerns. Popular singer Yemi Alade weighed in, criticizing the demolitions and expressing fears it could discourage real estate investment in Lagos.

A residents’ association member claimed negotiations with the government fell on deaf ears. Residents are now seeking fair compensation to help them rebuild their lives.

The situation highlights the complex issue of balancing infrastructure development with the rights of citizens. The Lagos State Government will need to address the concerns of the displaced homeowners and ensure a more transparent process for future development projects.


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