Alarm Bells Ring in Lekki: LASG Claims 80% of Buildings Lack Approval

The Lagos State Government (LASG) has made a startling revelation regarding building permits in Lekki. According to the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr. Oluyinka Olumide, a staggering 80% of structures in the Ibeju Lekki-Epe corridor lack proper government approval.

This news comes amidst recent controversies surrounding the demolition of buildings in Lagos, with the government maintaining that the targeted structures violated city planning regulations and lacked necessary approvals. Dr. Olumide’s statement sheds light on the scale of the issue, suggesting widespread non-compliance with building codes in Lekki.

The commissioner’s comments were made during a recent interview. He highlighted a specific instance where, during an inspection visit, his team observed a concerning number of estates with unapproved developments. This raises concerns about the safety and integrity of these buildings, as adherence to building regulations is crucial for ensuring structural stability and occupant well-being.

The LASG has been facing criticism for its demolition activities. However, Dr. Olumide’s disclosure suggests the demolitions might be part of a larger effort to enforce building regulations and ensure the safety of Lagos residents.

It remains to be seen what course of action the LASG will take in response to this widespread lack of approvals. Whether they prioritize rectification measures or stricter enforcement through demolitions is yet to be determined.

Homeowners in Lekki, especially those residing in the Ibeju Lekki-Epe corridor, are advised to urgently verify the approval status of their properties. They can contact the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) to confirm if their buildings comply with regulations.


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