Tehaleh Development: Low-Income Housing Opt-Out Raises Affordability Concerns

The upscale Tehaleh development south of Bonney Lake, Washington, is facing scrutiny after it emerged that developers opted to pay a nearly $770,000 fee instead of fulfilling a requirement to include low-income housing. This decision has sparked concerns about the project’s alignment with Pierce County’s goals for affordability.

The 4,700-acre mixed-use development promises a luxurious living experience. However, critics point out that this luxury may come at the cost of excluding residents with lower incomes. The county, it seems, had envisioned a more inclusive Tehaleh, with provisions for low-income housing options.

By choosing to pay the hefty fee, the developers bypassed their obligation to allocate a portion of the development to affordable units. This raises questions about the true accessibility of Tehaleh and its potential to exacerbate existing housing disparities in the area.

The situation has drawn the attention of local residents and fair housing advocates. They are likely to be following developments closely, waiting to see if the county will take any action to address the lack of affordable housing options within Tehaleh.

Whether Tehaleh can fulfill its promise of being a vibrant mixed-use community while excluding residents of lower income backgrounds remains to be seen. This story is likely to continue as discussions about affordability and inclusive development take center stage.


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