What Is The Size Of A Plot Of Land? How To Calculate It?

Demystifying Land Dimensions: Understanding Plot Sizes and Calculations

How to calculate land

When it comes to buying land, especially in Nigeria, navigating plot sizes can be confusing. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and terms like “plots” can be thrown around without a standard definition. This article tackles the question: what exactly is the size of a plot of land, and how do you calculate it?

Understanding Plots:

  • A plot is simply a designated piece of land for a specific purpose, like building a house or farming.
  • There’s no universal standard size for a plot. It can vary depending on location, developer, and purpose.

Units of Measurement:

Land size is typically measured in:

  • Square feet (sq ft) and acres: Imperial units, common in some parts of Nigeria.
  • Square meters (sqm) and hectares: Metric units, increasingly preferred for ease of comparison.

Common Plot Sizes in Nigeria:

While there’s no standard, typical plot sizes in Nigeria include:

  • 100 ft x 100 ft (approx. 900 sqm): A widely used benchmark.
  • Variations: Plots can also be 18 m x 30 m (540 sqm) or 18 m x 36 m (648 sqm), particularly in Lagos.

Calculating Plot Size:

The formula to calculate plot size is straightforward:

  • Length (in chosen unit) x Width (in chosen unit) = Area of the Plot

For example, a plot measuring 60 ft x 120 ft (imperial) would be:

  • 60 ft x 120 ft = 7,200 sq ft

Key Tip: Always ask for plot dimensions in square meters for easy comparison and to avoid confusion.


  • There can be variations in plot sizes.
  • Confirm the dimensions (length x width) and unit of measurement (sq m, sq ft, etc.) with the seller or developer.
  • Get the area calculated in your preferred unit (sq m or sq ft) for better understanding.

By understanding plot sizes and using the simple calculation method, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate land purchases and ensure you’re getting the right amount of space for your needs.


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