Young Homeownership Dreams Dashed: sky-high prices leave 100sqm apartments unsellable

Homeownership aspirations for young buyers are facing a harsh reality as apartments sized around 100 square meters reach price tags of $275,000. Analysts warn that these inflated values are outpacing affordability, leaving these units sitting on the market.

This trend is particularly concerning in major cities where young professionals are struggling to gain a foothold on the property ladder. With starting salaries often unable to keep pace with the housing market, the dream of owning a home seems increasingly distant.

“At these prices, many apartments are simply out of reach for young buyers,” says expert

The disconnect between apartment valuations and buyer affordability raises concerns about a potential bubble in the housing market. Experts warn that if price corrections don’t occur, these unsold units could create a logjam, hindering overall market health.

This situation isn’t just about affordability. The size of these apartments themselves might not justify the high price tag. For young couples or small families, 100 square meters may not offer the desired living space, especially considering the hefty price tag attached.

So, what’s the solution? Analysts suggest that a combination of factors might help bridge the gap. Measures to increase housing supply, coupled with policies supporting young buyers, could bring some much-needed balance to the market.

For now, the dream of owning a 100-square-meter apartment for many young people remains just that – a dream. Until affordability catches up with inflated prices, these units may continue to gather dust on the market.


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