A Piece of Gilded Age History: Castle Built for Carnegie Heiress Goes Up for Auction

NEW YORK – A rare piece of American history is hitting the auction block. One of the few remaining castles in the United States, built for the daughter of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, is headed for auction.

The fairytale-esque mansion, known as Dower House, was constructed in 1899 for Louise Carnegie, the philanthropist’s eldest daughter, and her husband, Martha Babcock. Designed by renowned architect Babb, Cook & Willard, the house features all the hallmarks of a grand European castle. Boasting turrets, expansive gardens, and richly detailed interiors, the Dower House represents a bygone era of American wealth and grandeur.

Located in Glen Cove, Long Island, the Dower House has been in private ownership for over a century. While details about the property’s current condition haven’t been released, the upcoming auction presents a unique opportunity to acquire a significant piece of American architectural heritage.

Andrew Carnegie, a titan of the Industrial Age, was known for his immense wealth and his philanthropic endeavors. The Dower House stands as a testament to his family’s legacy and the architectural tastes of the Gilded Age. With its upcoming auction, the future of this captivating castle remains to be seen.


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