Oyo State Allocates Funds for Renovation of Governor’s Lodge in Lagos

The Oyo State government has come under scrutiny following its decision to approve N332 million for the renovation of the Governor’s Lodge located in Lagos State. The announcement, made on Thursday, detailed the project alongside others approved by the State Executive Council during their Wednesday meeting.

The allocated funds will cover the remodelling and renovation of the Governor’s Lodge itself, along with guest chalets, boys quarters, and a liaison office, all situated in Ikeja, Lagos. The project is expected to take three months for completion and has been awarded to Feyton Lanreolu Associates Limited.

This decision has sparked questions about the necessity of such a high expenditure on a property located outside of Oyo State. Critics argue that these funds could be better directed towards projects that directly benefit residents within Oyo State.

The Oyo State government has yet to address the public concerns surrounding this allocation.


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