Australia’s Rental Market in Crisis: Anglicare Report Calls It “Worst Ever”

A new report by Anglicare Australia paints a grim picture of the nation’s rental market, declaring it the worst Australians have ever faced. The report, titled “Rental Affordability Snapshot,” surveyed over 45,000 rental listings and found a severe lack of options for low-income earners and those on government assistance.

The key findings are alarming:

  • Minimal Availability for Minimum Wage: Only a meager 289 out of the surveyed properties were deemed affordable for someone earning a full-time minimum wage.
  • Struggles for Those on Benefits: The situation is even more dire for people on Centrelink payments or pensions, with the report highlighting that they can afford less than 1% of available rentals.
  • A Broken Dream: The report emphasizes the shattered dream of homeownership for many Australians, as rising rents squeeze household budgets and make saving for a down payment nearly impossible.

Kasy Chambers, Executive Director of Anglicare Australia, expressed deep concern. “People on Centrelink payments are being pushed out of housing altogether,” she said. Chambers called for government intervention, urging a shift away from supporting private investors and towards a focus on increasing the availability of affordable housing.

The report underscores a long-term trend. Listings have remained stubbornly low for the past three years, hovering around 45,000 compared to the historical range of 55,000 to 65,000. This scarcity, coupled with rising rents, creates a perfect storm for renters.

The Anglicare report serves as a stark wake-up call for policymakers. With the dream of owning a home becoming increasingly distant and the rental market offering few options, the question remains: how will Australians, especially those most vulnerable, find a safe and secure place to call home?


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