Guelph Tiny Home Coalition Seeks Land to Address Housing Crisis

A community-driven initiative in Guelph, the Guelph Tiny Home Coalition, is on the hunt for land to construct a tiny home community. Inspired by Kitchener’s “Better Tent City” project, the Coalition aims to tackle the city’s growing number of encampments by providing safe and secure housing options.

“We’re looking for vacant land between 0.8 to 2 acres,” said a spokesperson for the Coalition. “This would allow us to build several tiny homes and significantly reduce the number of people living in encampments around Guelph.”

The tiny home model offers a centralized location for residents, facilitating access to vital services provided by organizations like Sanguen and the Guelph Community Health Centre. With over 30 encampments currently in Guelph, the Coalition believes their initiative can offer a practical solution for both residents and service providers.

The plan is to implement a phased approach, with an initial goal of constructing 15-20 tiny homes within the coming year. As the project progresses, the Coalition hopes to expand the community to accommodate up to 50 units.

This initiative comes amidst a growing housing crisis in Guelph, where affordability remains a significant challenge. Tiny homes offer a more attainable alternative to traditional housing options, allowing residents to live with greater dignity and security.

The Guelph Tiny Home Coalition is actively seeking support from the community and potential landowners. Their success hinges on finding suitable land to bring their vision to life.


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