Married Couples and Asian Expats Driving UAE Property Market, YouGov Report Says

Dubai, UAE – Married couples and Asian expatriates are leading the charge in UAE real estate investment according to a recent report by YouGov, a data research firm. The study revealed a strong appetite for property ownership in the UAE, with key demographics fueling the market.

Key Findings:

  • Married couples looking to settle down: A significant 70% of married respondents expressed interest in buying property in the UAE within the next year. This suggests a desire for stability and potentially putting down roots in the country.
  • Asian expats see opportunity: The report found that 58% of Asian expats are interested in investing in UAE real estate. This indicates a growing trend of Asian expats viewing the UAE as an attractive investment destination.
  • Sustainability a growing priority: Interestingly, the survey found that a significant 79% of respondents would consider properties with solar panels. This highlights a growing focus on sustainable living among potential homeowners in the UAE.

The UAE’s reputation as a business hub and tourist destination, coupled with its focus on developing green buildings, seems to be resonating with these demographics. Dubai, for instance, boasts the highest number of environmentally certified buildings in the region.

This report comes amidst a positive outlook for the UAE real estate market. With a growing number of potential buyers, particularly from married couples and Asian expats, the demand for property in the UAE is expected to remain strong.


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