N100 Billion ($87,094,834.154) Police Housing Fund Proposed by Federal Government

The Inspector General of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, announced plans for a N100 billion Police Housing Fund during the launch of the Nigerian Police Housing Summit on Monday. The summit, held in Abuja and titled “Renewed Hope for Police Housing in Nigeria,” aimed to address the critical shortage of housing for police personnel.

Egbetokun emphasized his administration’s commitment to improving police welfare, highlighting proper housing as a key factor. He acknowledged the immense challenge, stating that current housing capacity meets only about 10% of the needs of the over 400,000 strong force.

The proposed N100 billion fund is intended to bridge this gap and provide officers with greater opportunities for homeownership. While the initiative is still in its early stages, Egbetokun revealed that preliminary assessments are underway, and discussions with relevant stakeholders have begun. The summit itself served as a platform to brainstorm strategies and refine ideas for the fund’s establishment.

This announcement is a significant step towards addressing the long-standing issue of inadequate housing for Nigerian police officers. Improved living conditions are expected to boost morale, enhance service delivery, and contribute to overall police effectiveness.


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