Quirky Lewiston Property with Rural Charm Attracts Investor Attention

A unique property in Lewiston is generating significant interest from potential buyers, particularly investors. The 2016-built home, situated on a sprawling 1.03-hectare block at 1 Kurt Way, boasts a character all its own.

The property’s immediate impression is undeniable, with a large horse mural setting the stage for a ranch-inspired interior that perfectly complements the surrounding rural vibes.

“The rent potential is attractive,” says the listing agent, highlighting the property’s appeal to investors. “Lewiston’s location is key – it offers a semi-rural feel while remaining close to essential infrastructure developments. While it appears to be out in the country, it’s actually quite connected, making it an ideal spot for those seeking space without sacrificing convenience.”

Lewiston is designated as an area slated for future population growth, further solidifying the property’s potential for investors. The unique combination of space, trendy design elements, and prime location is proving to be a winning formula, with buyers lining up to snap up this piece of Lewiston real estate.


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