Anambra Cracks Down on Illegal Structures: Owners Face Fines and Removal Costs

The Anambra State government in Nigeria has announced a forthcoming initiative to remove unauthorized structures across the state. Property owners who fail to comply with removal notices will be responsible for the cost of demolition and disposal of their structures, according to a statement released on Friday by Paul Nwosu, the Anambra Information Commissioner.

The statement acknowledges that some residents may have constructed these illegal structures unintentionally due to lack of awareness of building regulations, economic hardship, or underestimation of the potential risks. However, it emphasizes that previous warnings to remove such structures have been widely disregarded.

The government intends to provide property owners with a designated timeframe to settle the demolition fees after the removal of their structures. If the fees remain unpaid, the contents of the property may be sold to cover the expenses.

This initiative targets the improvement of urban planning and public safety in Anambra. Illegal structures can pose various threats, including:

  • Structural instability: Buildings constructed without proper permits and inspections may be vulnerable to collapse, endangering lives.
  • Strained infrastructure: Unauthorized structures can overload sewage systems, drainage channels, and electrical grids.
  • Obstructed walkways and roads: Illegal constructions can create blockages, hindering pedestrian and vehicle movement.

The Anambra government’s action comes amid a wider effort in Nigeria to address the issue of unplanned settlements and ensure adherence to building regulations.


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