Lagos Residents Protest Coastal Road Reroute, Threatens Livelihoods

Residents of Iwerekun, Solu-Orumija, Awofin, and Odusina villages in Lagos State are up in arms over the rerouting of a major coastal road project. The 700km Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway, championed by the Nigerian government, was initially planned to avoid these communities. However, a recent change in route threatens to displace residents and demolish homes.

Fearing for their futures, community leaders and residents held weekend protests. They chanted slogans and displayed placards demanding a return to the original plan. A joint statement signed by the Baales (traditional leaders) of the affected villages pleaded with the government to reconsider.

“We cry out today as people under an emergency situation,” the statement reads. The rerouted road would not only displace residents but also disrupt their way of life. Many residents rely on their land for farming and fishing, and the project’s encroachment threatens their livelihoods.

The Lagos State Government has previously announced plans to remove illegal building extensions throughout the state. The residents fear this could be used to justify demolishing their homes under the guise of the road project.

The protest highlights the human cost of infrastructure development. While the Lagos-Calabar highway promises economic benefits, it must be balanced with the well-being of the communities it impacts. The residents’ demand for a solution that respects their land rights remains to be seen.


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