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How To Get Rich From Absolutely Nothing

Lots of companies hope to sell their products or services to wealthy people because they know the prospective buyers can afford what they offer. Wealthy people are aware of this, so they're often wary whenever someone they don't know wants to sell them something. To seem less pushy, give your marketing strategies time to work while you build trust and credibility.

Refine the Message
The marketing message you use to persuade wealthy people to buy your product or service needs to appeal to the action-oriented mind-set that many wealthy people have. Focus on their philanthropy pursuits or desire for luxury or one-of-a-kind goods and services. Sprinkle phrases such as "luxury," "premier" and "high end" in your website copy and marketing materials to describe the products or services you sell so wealthy visitors know immediately that your site is tailored to their needs and desires. (1)

Meet and Greet
One of the best ways to find wealthy people is to go to events they attend. Dress to look successful, and be prepared to spend some money if you want to meet prospects at the luxury resorts and hotels they go to. Do some research ahead of time to get an idea of who will be at the hotel or event and learn as much as you can about the likes and dislikes, interests and work of your target customers. Once you've introduced yourself, offer something useful to your customer. If you’re a luxury car dealership, for example, offer to loan her a fancy car for an upcoming event. Not only do you provide a luxury service, but the publicity is as good as free advertising for your company.

Place Targeted Ads
Find out what magazines, newspapers and television programs your wealthy audience uses to get information about products and services. Consider placing ads in magazines such as "The Robb Report" and "Worth." "The Atlantic Wire" recommends "Bloomberg Pursuits," "Reuters" or "Scene," magazines that appeal to the ultra-wealthy. Once you determine which publication, website or television channel should feature your ads, seek the help of a professional graphic designer or advertising agency to make your advertisement look elegant and attractive. (2)

Offer Extra Service
Wealthy people want to focus on what makes them happy, not on details that require lots of time for little reward. Offering extra add-on services that make your wealthy customer's purchase easy to enjoy and free of hassles can help you close the deal. For instance, help your client enjoy his new villa by offering to arrange all of the interior cleaning, swimming pool maintenance and landscaping before he arrives so he won't have to think about it.

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