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PaytoLet - Search Engine For Real Estate has acquired PlusMoney Global Resource and its brand name  PlusMoney Loan  as part of its mission to provide affordable housing for all. To provide house rent loans, and then expand to provide additional lending services with no debt shaming or defamatory, unlike other lenders.       


No defamatory, unlike other lenders, The system is powered by , and it provides instant access to funds when you need them, whether you are a worker, or you are a family-owned, or you are even a student.         

Requirements are simple - all you need to apply is your phone number, BVN, and bank account number to process your loan.      

The newly acquired system also introduces six unique features:        

Salary Advance       

Salary-based lending, loan for salary earners, your offer will be determined by your salary and scorecard.   


Group Savings       

Join our member's group savings on ALAT, and receive the collective savings automatically when it is your turn.   



Get your account funded in 5 minutes up to N100,000 after all documents are submitted.      



Our investment allows you to deposit at least ₦100,000 and get your ROI paid to your Wallet at maturity.      


House Rent       

Our House Rent loan allows you to meet your obligations to your landlord and pay conveniently.      


Quick Cash       

The minimum loan amount is N2,000, and a Maximum amount of N100,000 and not defamatory, unlike other lenders .           


At the moment, this service is only available in Nigeria, and you can access it via:         


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