Did you know that most agents will only close 1% of their internet leads? That’s 1 lead out of 100 leads. Yes!!   

If you are doing any type of lead generation, you want to continue reading these tips.   

Okay, so our team was sitting here thinking about the challenges that real estate agents have… not just generating leads, but more importantly converting those leads to sales .    

Are you struggling with the same thing?   

When someone does engage with your property listings, the main goal is to get your next buyer or seller to contact you. You want their contact info!!!   

When they finally contact you, however, the hard truth is that your leads probably won’t start to work with you instantly (if at all) , because they are either working with another agent, or need to get to know, like and trust you. But, we bet you don’t know how to do that over an online campaign.   

For these reasons, it is so important to have an engaging follow-up plan in place BEFORE you start spending time and money on lead generation or property listing subscriptions. It’s important that you know that THE MONEY IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP!!   

Well, you’re in luck today, because we have some help for you!
At ₦50 - ₦20 / per post you really can’t go wrong with a PaytoLet subscription. TRY IT  


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