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The University of Lagos (UNILAG) Housing Unit has converted a duplex into two two-bedroom flats in a bid to ameliorate the accommodation challenges of members of staff. The newly converted flats are expected to provide more accommodation options for staff members, especially those who are new to the university or who are currently living off-campus.


The conversion of the duplex was part of a larger effort by the university to improve the living conditions of its staff members. In recent years, UNILAG has renovated and refurbished several of its staff housing units and has also constructed new ones. The university is also exploring other ways to provide affordable accommodation for its staff members, such as through partnerships with private developers.


The Vice-Chancellor of UNILAG, Professor Folasade Ogunsola, FAS, has commended the Housing Unit for its efforts to address the accommodation challenges of staff members. She said that the conversion of the duplex into two two-bedroom flats was a welcome development and that it would help to ease the accommodation problems of staff members.

The Vice-Chancellor also called on other departments and units of the university to emulate the Housing Unit by finding innovative ways to address the challenges facing their staff members. She said that the university is committed to providing a conducive environment for its staff members to work and thrive.


The conversion of the duplex into two two-bedroom flats is a significant step towards addressing the accommodation challenges of UNILAG staff members. It is hoped that the university will continue to invest in staff housing in the future, so that more staff members can have access to affordable and comfortable accommodation.

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