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United Real Estate defied the odds in 2023, achieving a remarkable 13% growth in its agent count while the overall real estate industry experienced a 1.7% decline. This impressive feat positions the company as a frontrunner in attracting and retaining top talent, even amidst market fluctuations.


While the national pool of real estate agents shrank last year, United Real Estate bucked the trend with impressive expansion. They not only surpassed the 20,000 agent mark but also outperformed the market by a staggering 14.7%. This achievement comes at a time when many brokerages are struggling to retain agents due to market uncertainties and changing economic conditions.


Unlike in previous years, where growth came from acquisitions, United Real Estate's agent expansion in 2023 was primarily driven by internal recruiting and franchise development. This "organic growth" strategy highlights the company's ability to foster a thriving and attractive environment for agents, leading to natural expansion from within.


United Real Estate attributes its success to its "network effect", where a strong existing network attracts and retains talented agents. This suggests a supportive and collaborative culture within the company, further solidifying its appeal to professionals seeking growth and success.


United Real Estate remains optimistic about the future, projecting 10-15% agent growth in 2024. This continued momentum signifies the company's confidence in its unique approach and its ability to weather market challenges by attracting and empowering top talent.

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