Project Brief
Status: Selling
Category: Land
Investor: Cuddle Realty

Welcome to an exceptional co-ownership opportunity with Cuddle at Cuddle Zone, Epe V. This expansive 500 sqm land parcel, nestled in Ilara, Epe, promises rewarding prospects in a rapidly growing epicenter. Often hailed as the investor's dream, this property is poised for exponential growth, with an estimated annual increase of 45%.    

PROJECT GOALS: After the holding period, choose between liquidation or exploring Cuddle's recommended construction options.      

THE OPPORTUNITY: Strategically located in Epe, a region experiencing burgeoning commercial activities and massive development, this property offers an enticing proposition. Invest now to be part of this exciting journey towards substantial returns and strategic wealth accumulation. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to secure your financial future.    

Join us at Cuddle, where we turn opportunities into prosperity.    

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Holding period     
5 years    

Estimated ROI     


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