Victoria Falls Short: Ranked Second-Worst for New Home Investment

Victoria has come in second-last in the nation for attractiveness to investors in new homes, according to the Housing Industry Association (HIA). This ranking comes amid criticism of recent government policy changes seen as deterring landlords.

The HIA cites “insane” tax changes as a key factor discouraging investment. The exact nature of these changes isn’t specified in the report, but it suggests a policy shift that’s negatively impacting the rental market and potentially stifling new home construction.

This news comes alongside a separate report highlighting rising homelessness in Victoria, with thousands of wage earners struggling to secure housing. The connection between these two issues is yet to be explicitly explored, but it raises questions about the impact of investment decisions on housing affordability in the state.

For Victorians looking to buy a new home, this ranking may signal a potential slowdown in new construction projects. This could limit housing options and potentially drive up prices.


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