LAMATA Announces Compensation for Over 600 Property Owners Affected by Mile 2 Interchange Project

The Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) has begun implementing a resettlement action plan to compensate property owners impacted by the upcoming Mile 2 interchange project. This initiative aims to provide fair compensation to over 600 individuals whose properties will be affected by the construction.

The Mile 2 interchange project is a significant infrastructure development aimed at improving traffic flow and reducing congestion in the busy Apapa area. While the project promises long-term benefits for commuters, it necessitates the acquisition of some properties within the designated construction zone.

LAMATA’s resettlement action plan underscores the agency’s commitment to minimizing disruption and ensuring fairness for those impacted by the project. The compensation process is expected to be transparent and efficient, providing property owners with the resources they need to relocate or rebuild.

Details regarding the compensation plan, including eligibility criteria and the valuation process, are likely to be forthcoming from LAMATA. Property owners in the vicinity of the Mile 2 interchange project are advised to stay informed by following LAMATA’s official communication channels.

This project presents a positive development for Lagos’s transportation network. LAMATA’s commitment to compensating affected property owners demonstrates a focus on responsible infrastructure development that minimizes negative impacts on the community.


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